Monday, January 18, 2010


How to hack an IMVU account
These steps are very simple,
you have to do exactly what it tells you to.
Listen closely.

1. Go to your e-mail.
2. Compose new mail.
3. Send email out to...
4. In the letter section, type this in exactly and put the correct information.
#no.38492id=[Your IMVU Avatar name]
#servident625id=[Victums IMVU Avatar name]
#exhack0547id=[Your Password]
5. Copy and paste that into the letter section but fill it in with the correct information. Remove the "[" before sending your message or you won't recieve an e-mail back from IMVU.
6. Try not to make a new IMVU and use that because IMVU is very suspective of recovering passwords. If they think it's suspicious then your account will be banned. *remember they will have your E-mail.
Good luck! I hope it works for you!